Boating Accidents

Boating Injuries

Todd N. Hendrickson, P.C.represents the victims of St. Louis boat accidents. If you were the victim of a boating accident due to the negligence of another, you should take advantage of a free consultation with St. Louis accident attorney Todd Hendrickson. Mr. Hendrickson can determine if you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injury and loss.

Todd N. Hendrickson has handled numerous boating accident cases. He will use his knowledge and experience to create a successful strategy that will prove your case and get you fair and just compensation and restitution.

Most boating accidents can be attributed to operator error. This is usually due to inexperience and excessive speed. They can also be attributed to carelessness, recklessness and operator inattentiveness. Whatever the case, the accident can cause major property damage and can also be the cause of injury and death.

Statistics show that there are more than 5,705 boating accidents every year in the United States. Looking back, statistics also show that there were more than 750 fatalities and 4062 injuries involving boats in 2002. It is unfortunate that many people are not safety conscious and obtaining the proper training for handling boats and watercraft.

Commercial Boats

Tour boats and small cruisers such as small recreational dining vessels are responsible for providing enough life vests for the crew as well as all passengers. If they do not, they are accountable for injuries resulting from their negligence. Since the life vests typically are not worn during the regular activities (dinner and lounging), the passengers would be completely unaware of the fact that the vessel may not have enough life vests. By not carrying enough life vests, the captain of the vessel is putting both the passengers and crewmembers at risk.

If you or someone close to you has been the passenger or crewmember of a boat, and you were left without life vests because the vessel was not properly equipped, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and for being put at risk due to the negligence of that company.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a boating accident, call St. Louis accident attorney Todd N. Hendrickson today. He will work hard to build a good case and get you the compensation that you need and deserve.